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The Hudson Yards Hell's Kitchen Alliance (HYHK) is a not-for profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the diverse population who lives, works and visits within the district. Our work involves neighborhood beautification projects, supplemental sanitation services, streetscape improvements, technical and professional services for businesses, and effective advocacy and administration.

HYHK maintains and operates Bella Abzug Park and the surrounding areas, while also programming cultural exhibits and events in the park and the district.

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HYHK Arts -

Hunter Potter presents It’s A New Life For Me

The Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance (HYHK), in partnership with the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Chashama, has curated a temporary solo exhibition of paintings by Hunter Potter in the “Project Find” space located at 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. From April 22, 2019 – June 17, 2019, Potter’s exhibit It’s A New Life For Me will be on view 24 hours a day.

Hunter Potter, originally from Upstate New York, creates work that pays homage to the characters and lifestyles for which he continuously yearns. Though undeniably exaggerated and fantastical, his paintings are a direct result of the small-town, blue-collar, Americana environment where he grew up, and remains so strongly connected to. Similar to the folklore that is passed around in such settings, the paintings are neither past nor present, fact nor fiction, right nor wrong, but a combination of it all. InIt’s A New Life For Me, four acrylic paintings of birds flirt with color and interpretation, inviting a feeling of freedom into the window space.

On a technical level, Potter is interested in the distortion of space and narrative via the endless possibilities of painterly mark making. Through the juxtaposition of style, technique, medium, and the intentional abandonment of perspective, scale, and focus, Potter’s work begs the viewer to slow down and analyze the image piece by piece, bit by bit, in order to fully appreciate or understand the whole. Like individual sentences coming together to form a flowing paragraph, so to can the marks of the airbrush, paint roller, spatula, and collage coexist on canvas in the creation of a single narrative.

Hunter Potter was born in Syracuse, NY in 1990. Despite having formally studied studio art at the University of Vermont and graduating in 2013, Potter accredits much of his artistic knowledge and education to the time spent working as a studio assistant for various New York artists and apprenticing for Colossal Media as a traditional billboard painter from 2015 to 2018. Potter currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. More of Hunter Potter’s work can be found on Instagram, online at, or by contacting him directly: