HYHK Business of the Month: Finn’s Bagels

A family friendly bagel shop that’s all about feeling like home.


Mario Montenegro, General Manager at Finn’s Bagels

By Kareemah Muhammad

Finn’s Bagels, a quaint bagel shop with a modern flare, is on the rise to become what General Manager Mario Montenegro hopes is the “it” bagel shop in the Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen district. Last month alone, the bagel shop’s site has been clicked on 38,000 times when people search for bagel locations in the area, according to Mario. 

The bagel shop located on 37th Street and 10th Avenue had its grand opening in March of this year, and since then has been serving all natural, hand rolled bagels that are baked fresh every day. 

Finn’s is owned by Jonah Phillips,  also owner of Friedman’s Restaurant just across the street on 35th and 10th Avenue. This latest venture was actually named after Jonah’s six-year-old nephew Finn, who made sure to ask guests opening weekend, “What are you waiting on? Did you get your bagel?”

Finn’s Bagels also serves signature sandwiches, teas and coffee. Some of the customer favorites include the “Pastrami Reuben Sandwich”, with kosher pastrami, sauerkraut and russian dressing on rye bread. The beef pastrami is the same pastrami served at “Pastrami Queen” on Lexington Avenue that is owned by Jonah’s father.  According to Mario, the late Anthony Bourdain once mentioned that it was, “The best pastrami that you can get in NYC.” Other favorites include, the “Sliced Nova Sandwich” and the classic bacon, egg and cheese. 

When it comes to what he likes most about the bagel shop, Mario says, “I love the kids. I love when they come here and say the bagels are so good!” 

Mario grew up on 25th Street and Ninth Avenue and says being at Finn’s makes him feel like he’s a part of the neighborhood again. Mario says that he considers the customers “guests” and adds, “I want them to feel like they’re at home.” He enjoys going above and beyond for his guests and makes it a point to learn each of their names.

On his quest for Finn’s Bagels to become the “it” bagel shop, Mario mentions that other than being one of the top searches for “bagels near me,” the bagel shop is also doing some catering for Time Warner in Hudson Yards. In addition, Mario mentions that the owner is looking to open a Finn’s Bagels in Hudson Yards and that he would love to manage it once the time comes. He also jokingly added having a “Mario’s Bagels” someday (he’ll just have to check with Finn, of course). 

To learn more about Finn’s Bagels check out their IG page @finnsbagels.

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